A Night at the Movies TV interview, Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
The Reform School
Published Date: 03/20/2010 | Length: 14:18
Author Michele Ulriksen (Reform at Victory) shares some hard truths about her time spent at a reform school and her journey to self-acceptance...

Fort Dodge Messenger News on Brother Palmer:
Fort Dodge, Iowa reporter Abigail McWilliam, who works for The Messenger newspaper, released four stories (see links below) that cover facts associated with unlicensed reform schools, among other things. In her search for information she found that there is a Roloff Home, similar to Victory, in Fort Dodge from which many teens have run away to escape abuse. Fort Dodge is also home to Mike Palmer, the man who owned and operated Victory, and is Brother P in my book. Thus far, the community has been very supportive of Reform at Victory and in seeing that Palmer does not open another reform school in their community. They are now aware of his checkered past. It pays to speak out.

Reform at Victory: Michele Ulriksen, former student of Palmer's speaks out

Troubling Legacy: Unlicensed reform school found in Fort Dodge, Iowa

Ramirez: "He Said it was God's Will" Rape victim of Palmer's speaks out

A Common Thread: Scandals associated with Brother Lester Roloff and Roloff Homes

Willamette Week:
Reform At Victory
BY SAMANTHA HERMAN | January 21st, 2009
In 1986, at the age of 16, Ulriksen’s parents sent her to an unlicensed, Baptist reform school in the deserted outskirts of San Diego. During her year at Victory Christian Academy, Ulriksen endured stints in a dark closet used for solitary confinement, suffered constant verbal abuse, and was monitored day and night through intercom systems and floor traps...

Five Star reviews at

Powell’s Reviews and author write up:

Portland State University’s The Vanguard:
Life in the ‘Get Right’ room: Soon-to-be Portland State student Michele Ulriksen’s experience at a fundamentalist reform school
By Owen R. Smith | January 22, 2009
Michele Ulriksen thought she was on her way to a fun day at the San Diego Wild Animal Park with her parents, but the day turned out to be anything but enjoyable...

Alternatives Magazine:
Teens in Lock-Down - Abuse in the Name of Treatment
by Michele Ulriksen
The year was 1986. I was a somewhat normal sixteen-year-old enjoying the Southern California summer weather, trips to the beach and preparing to start my junior year of high school in Orange County. However, my puberty driven rebellious behavior was brought to a screeching halt on the morning of September 1st of that year...

Oregon State University’s the Barometer:
Local author shares horrors of reform school upbringing: Ulriksen was held against her will in a Baptist reform school for a year as a teenager
Chloe Brunello | 11/6/08 Section: News
When Michele Ulriksen was 16 years old, just days before her first day back to school as a high school junior, her parents told her that they were going to take her to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. What Ulriksen believed to be a last minute family trip, in reality, was a trip to a muted lifestyle where she would have no voice... (Podcast of this story is available via the web site)

KBOO Radio Interview:
Program: Special Programming: Public Affairs
by Kathleen Stephenson | Air date: 01/27/2009 - 9:00am - 9:45am
Michelle and Kathleen host a quick look at recent really good non-fiction books, many political. The show includes short samples of interviews with authors on a variety of topics including the redistribution of wealth, voluntary simplicity, surviving a right-wing fundamentalist reform school and facts and fictions of the human species.

Willamette Freethinker:
by Michele Ulriksen | Volume 15, Number 3 — March 2008
The preacher told us regularly in chapel that “we should do to the gays what the Nazis did to the Jews.” There were several lesbians at this school. It was crippling to watch the verbal abuse [gays] were forced to endure. The preacher’s hatred for gay people was fueled by one bible verse from the Old Testament, the book of Leviticus...
Note: This is a PDF document download.

The Humanist:
Lockdown: Are Teens (and Taxpayers) paying the price at Christian Reform Schools?
by Michele Tresler-Ulriksen
Published in the May/June 2009
The year was 1986. I was a somewhat normal sixteen-year-old, enjoying the Southern California summer weather, trips to the beach, and preparing to start my junior year of high school in Orange County. However, my puberty-driven rebellious behavior was brought to a screeching halt on the morning of September 1...

The Red Room:
A Review of Reform at Victory: A Survivor’s Story
by John S. Dearing | 01/01/2009
Michele demonstrated great courage and fortitude in writing this deeply personal story. Her book is a valuable contribution toward fighting the religious, mental, physical, and medical abuse of children...

Corvallis Gazette-Times:
Woman tells tale of surviving ‘reform’
By THERESA HOGUE | November 1, 2008
It's been 22 years, but Michele Ulriksen remembers that day with perfect clarity. She thought she was going to the San Diego Zoo for a fun family trip. But when her parents pulled into a gated compound in the middle of the desert, she knew that fun was the last thing on their mind...

The Alchemist:
Book Review: Reform at Victory
October 28th, 2008
The search for meaning in life and the almighty god are perhaps life’s most central and difficult themes. Parenting might be a close second. These issues cut right to the core of human nature. If you are lucky they will challenge you in ways that few others pursuits will. If you are unlucky, they can defeat you utterly, leaving scars that last a lifetime...

Culture Shocks:
Hosted by Barry Lynn | November 10, 2008
Culture Shocks is a daily radio program hosted by Barry Lynn of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. Barry interviews Michele about her book and the year she spent at Victory Christian Academy. The program can be heard on air the week of November 10. The interivew can be heard after November 14 at the link above, where it will be archived.





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